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It's all about the rides, but we also do other fun, group activities throughout the year. Monthly meetings, dealer events, and parties. 
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Life is like a camera: focus on what is important; capture the good times; develop from the negatives; and if things don't work out, take another shot. So it is with TT HOG. Our photos capture the scenery, the comraderie and the joy in each ride and in every activity. Come with us to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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We're glad you're here! We are excited to welcome you to our "Trails and Tales Newsletter". Our newsletter offers information about past and future rides, activities, thoughts and opinions, advice, awards and photos just to mention a few. Come see what we're all about.
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There are so many ways to enjoy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and being a H.O.G. members is a great place to start; instant contact with riders who share your love of the road! We hope you're getting excited. By the way, if you buy a new or used motorcycle from  Thunderbird Harley-Davidson, they will pay your membership dues for the first year! No excuses!
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Get the latest updates from the Turquoise Trail Chapter of H.O.G. Want to be a Turquoise Trail Chapter writer? Let us know!
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Our July Social ( 5:30pm on July 9th at the Moose Loddge) will feature a Potluck dinner! One of our very own TTHOG members, Richard G. will be smoking 30 lbs. of Pork Butt (the centerpiece of our dinner), and we’ll have buns and sauce for pulled pork sandwiches!  

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Ride 365 in 2024

This year, we are again participating in RIDE 365.

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The Turquoise Trail Chapter #2015 Primary Officers For 2024

Mike Adams


David Antle

Assistant Director

Jolene Morales


Amy Antle