Become A Leader

Become A Leader

Sometimes the greatest joy is not from getting, but from giving! Your H.O.G. chapter has several ways for you to return and share the pleasure of your membership experience. Most obvious are the Road Captains and Officers.

If you’ve been a member for a while, you’ve seen the Road Captains in action.  They share the ride plan and conduct a safety briefing before each ride, and keep things organized and safe while on the road. What you might not know is that every Road Captain has received training, and served as a “probie” before being allowed to lead a ride. Road Captains carefully plan each ride; select the best (scenic) route, test the ride (conduct a pre-ride), and thoughtfully schedule fuel and rest stops. Each Road Captain is required to have navigation and bike to bike radio communication to allow “lead”, and “rear” Road Captains to safely manage group maneuvers. If you feel like your ready to take the next step to ride leadership, talk with the Head Road Captain, and fill out a Road Captain Application Form. You’ll find the experience rewarding!

Also visible among members are our Officers. These are the volunteers that step to the front to direct, organize, and communicate our activities as a chapter. According to National H.O.G. requirements, we have four Primary Officers: Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer and Secretary. This group of leader’s report “up” to the dealership, and “down” to the membership. They have well defined roles regarding financial and legal responsibility, as well as overall chapter activity and conduct. 

At the discretion of the Primary Officers, there are also several functional officer and assistant officer positions that do the day-to-day work of running the chapter. These include Head Road Captain, Membership, Activities, Ladies of Harley (LOH), Webmaster, Editor, Merchandise, Photographer, etc.

These are also volunteer positions that can involve significant time and might require a preexisting skill set. If you’re interested, please talk with an existing officer, and fill out the Officer Application form. Officers will tell you that leading the chapter can be the hardest and most rewarding activity of your membership experience.